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Go Mobile

All business is mobile. Even traditionally desk-bound staff use mobile devices to monitor work while at lunch, in meetings, or otherwise out of their chairs. Mobile is more than the new PC; mobile devices are far more functionally diverse, and in a greater array of locations. Simply put, your staff can do more, and from wherever, with mobile.





FileMaker Go

FileMaker Go for iOS can greatly speed the development, deployment and management of your mobile solutions. Long a leader in desktop database management software, FileMaker has delivered a stable, secure and dependable platform for executing your mobility strategy.






Trendant specializes in data-driven business solutions for iPad and iPhone. With our 20 years experience in FileMaker development, we can help you deliver knowledge to your team when it matters most, gather data more quickly and accurately, and squeeze savings from every asset and process.




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Mobile can help you drive more profit from the resources you have through better management of:



✓ Rooms, Buildings and Properties


✓ IT Resources





Manage time more efficiently, automate common tasks, and see to the details with mobile for:

✸  Jobs


✸  Processes


✸  Work Orders/Tickets

✸  Scheduling

✸  Events




You’ll never again have to tell a customer, “I’ll get back to you.” Automate your sales force with real-time data on your mobile device for:


✓ Quotes/Estimates

✓ Proposals

✓ Orders

✓ Invoices

✓ Customers/Accounts 



Data Management


Gather and analyze information real-time when using mobile for:

✸  Field Data Collection

✸  Surveys

✸  Reports and Analysis

✸  Content Management

✸  Documentation

✸  Expenses

✸  Personnel