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Three Keys to a Profitable Mobile Business Strategy

Three Keys to a Profitable Mobile Business Strategy

LCD Touch Screen Tablet with USA MapMay 22, 2013 The mobile revolution has provided us with some incredibly powerful tools. Smartphones and tablets can help us do more from just about anywhere than we could from our desks just a few years ago. But what does all this technological might mean for your business? When implemented properly, more profit.

Here are three keys to achieving that goal:


1. Rethink the consumer-facing app


Doesn’t every business need an app for customers? Not necessarily.

Ask yourself, what do you want that app to accomplish that your website doesn’t already do? If your website lacks critical functionality, or if a function is buried and hard to find, the website is the problem, not the lack of an app.

Many consumer-facing business apps are redundant, less-functional versions of websites that already exist. Do you really need an app that recreates some part of your website? Every mobile device comes with a web browser.

You can probably just emphasize making your website consumer centric, then you won’t have to build the same thing twice.


2. Focus on what mobile computing can do for your staff


Consider anyone in your business who isn’t tied—figuratively—to a desk. The objective is to provide them with practical, task-driven resources.


Here are some examples of what the right mobile solutions will do for you:

  • Facilitate better decision making by providing current, contextually appropriate information.
  • Increase productivity by automating common tasks, and simplifying task and project management.
  • Reduce expenses by managing routes, inventory and resources real-time.
  • Drive revenue growth by making you the most accurate, fastest, and most reliable provider of whatever it is you offer.


3. Deliver knowledge to employees when it matters most


Nobody likes to keep their customers waiting, but any time you’ve ever told someone that you’ll have to get back to them about something—pricing, availability, specs, an invoice or proposal—you’ve done exactly that.

Fortunately, mobile apps can provide simple and powerful solutions. Product and service details, pricing, availability and invoicing should always be available real-time, and all but the most complex proposals can be generated from a checklist of possibilities on a smartphone or tablet.


Jerry AllenSXSW - Version 2-1
CEO, Trendant